Wolf 359 is a Narrative Technology Company

Founded by Michael Yates Crowley and Michael Rau, Wolf 359 uses theater and technology to tell stories.

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Wolf 359 makes performances. Our work has been seen in New York, Berlin, Dublin, Edinburgh, and other cities and city-states.


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Hearth Gods

A party/lab for new writing since 2005. Hosted at Jimmy's No. 43, at 43 East 7th Street in the East Village of New York City.


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2016: A Wolf 359 Timeline

2016: A Wolf 359 Timeline

Some of what we got up to in 2016: January: Wolf 359 went to New Jersey for a staged reading of EVANSTON: A RARE COMEDY at Midtown Direct Rep. Crowley went to Rotterdam to work on an anime series. March: Crowley went to Colorado for a workshop of THE RAPE OF THE SABINE WOMEN, coming to ...

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Goodbye Adelphi

Goodbye Adelphi

We just spent a week in residence at Adelphi University as part of the New York Theater Workshop summer retreat, working on TEMPING. Thanks to NYTW for hosting us! . 

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AYN Comes to Boston!

AYN Comes to Boston!

Wolf 359 will bring our show Song of a Convalescent Ayn Rand Giving Thanks to the Godhead (in the Lydian Mode) to A.R.T. in Cambridge, MA this October. Here’s the season announcement! 

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Press Quotes

  • Andy Horowitz, Culturebot

    A very promising debut from a very gifted group of young artists.

    Andy Horowitz, Culturebot
  • Joshua Conkel, NYTheatre.com

    Not to be missed.

    Joshua Conkel, NYTheatre.com
  • Elizabeth O’Neill, The Huffington Post

    Prepare to be rocked…A hilarious, (at times unnervingly on-point) portrait of yearning Evanston citizens whose oblivion proves to be their most dangerous threat. This play definitely deserves an audience.

    Elizabeth O’Neill, The Huffington Post

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