2016: A Wolf 359 Timeline

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Some of what we got up to in 2016:

January: Wolf 359 went to New Jersey for a staged reading of EVANSTON: A RARE COMEDY at Midtown Direct Rep. Crowley went to Rotterdam to work on an anime series.

March: Crowley went to Colorado for a workshop of THE RAPE OF THE SABINE WOMEN, coming to NYC next year

May: Rau directed a reading of Crowley’s new play SCHOOL SHOOTING IV at New York Theater Workshop. Rau went to Costa Rica with a bunch of digital futurists.

July: Rau went to Lithuania to study Nordic LARPing

October: We moved in to an unfinished museum space on the Upper East Side to bring Temping to the Future of Storytelling Festival. Wolf 359 was mentioned in VICE for our work at the festival, and FAST COMPANY made a little video. You should watch it. We get really excited about our show.

Next up:  Remounting Temping again in 2017 back at ART, and developing our new work, ROYALTY…stay tuned!

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