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  • Theaterfestival "Voices of Change" mit neuen Stuecken aus New York City am Theater Bielefeld vom 22. bis 25. April 2010.


by Michael Yates Crowley
Directed by Michael Rau

Produced in 2009 at Ars Nova and in 2010 at 59E59 in New York City
Toured to Edinburgh, Scotland; Berlin and Moers, Germany

Dishing out advice on deal making, stock buying and sleeping with your assistant, a sexually rapacious and insanely rich TV provocateur takes on the tanking economy. In this solo financial tour de force, host CJ takes us on a tour of distressed investing, financial derivatives, and the inside of the banker’s soul, all in a quest to make Righteous Money. But what begins as a send-up of financial gurus and shady I-bankers becomes a searing exploration of the financial crisis and the state of America today.