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Inspired by the migraine diaries of the show’s writer, Michael Yates Crowley, he and director Michael Rau conduct a wild ride through the history of illness and art, with guest appearances by Ayn Rand, Beethoven, and a mid-career drag queen from Peoria, IL in this comic, moving, and philosophical show. From Wittgenstein to Maury Povich, “the piece offers a bit for everyone” (Gothamist Daily – Featured Recommendation).

Shows: October 15-16, 22-23

All performances at 8pm
Tickets: [TBD]

At A.R.T. in Cambridge, MA

Produced by: Chas Carey/Wolf 359
Conceived and performed by: Michael Yates Crowley and Michael Rau
Written by: Michael Yates Crowley
Directed by: Michael Rau

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